Ordered a dress in March 2012 for a wedding in May! After 3 weeks of nothing, (even though they claim next day shipping) I called them.

It took me DAYS to get through! It either rings busy or goes to voice mail. And, no, it wasn't b/c they are on West Coast Time...was fully aware of the 3 hour difference. Was told by the man I spoke to it was still on 'backorder' and would ship in 3 weeks.

I asked him to contact ME if there was a problem since we needed the friggin' dress. AFter 3.5 weeks, I am still trying to get through, again! Tried their 'online' support and got nowhere with the virtual person. I think this company is fraudulent and really has no supplies.

I should have read reviews before buying, but have never had a problem with online shopping. I will now have to order another dress as our wedding is 27 days away and we have no flower girl dress! Have tried to call them today for 2 hours and yet to get through.


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